Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Bright Lights of Broadway.

The summer holidays have finally arrived and I have had a flurry of nice projects and good news...

This is Edith.
She is my doll on the very first part of her journey as part of the Doll Consequences project this year, organised by the wonderful Lucy Jane Batchelor. Over the next nine months some very talented young ladies will be making a doll, and sending it to the next and continuing the chain until all nine of us have a spectacular textile character customised by each and every one of us.
But I can only show you a little bit of her....as it's a secret for the other doll makers.....

In other news I will be a regular member of Broadway Market every Saturday from now until after Christmas, so do come and say hello, it is a very lovely place to be of a Saturday strolling along the canal.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Bust Craftacular

Bust Craftacular 2010, originally uploaded by lucy_davidson.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of finally being a seller at this years BUST summer event, the highlight of my fair calendar... Between purchasing and workswaps I came home with handfuls of goods from Teacakes and 78s, Andrea Garland, Me Me Me, Gemma Correll and Heart Zeena.

There is always a fantastic atmosphere there, led by the DJ's on stage all day, and despite being the hottest day of all time- Swing Patrol's dance class could not have put me in a better mood as they were dancing to all of my favorite 1930's tracks... number one on my list of things to do when I soon move to London.