Friday, 6 May 2011

1940's Stationers for Secret Cinema February 2011

Back in February I was asked to set up a 1940's Stationers as part of the vintage market that was created for Secret Cinema's viewing of the Red Shoes at Tobacco Docks. Here is my little shop that I had for two weeks....
I have heard tales that SS April in the tunnels of underground Waterloo station was sublime. Book your tickets for a spectacular night of surprises here, and to read my full post on the wondrous event itself here.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Royal Letter Card for Souvenirs and the Suchlike.

Hooray! Finally after all the excitement of the Royal Wedding, I have created a piece of my own Royal memorabilia, vintage style.

Based on old fashioned 'souvenir cards' for our seaside holidays, it is a little illustrated booklet that you can write on the reverse and fold into its own envelope; a little piece of London to tell of your city adventures.

Available in my little shop, here.