Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A Festive Feature.

This December I can be found amongst the pages of Little Thing Magazine...amusingly the only English words that feature are 'Alice' and 'Big hair'. I got to jaunt about my favourite places so that the lovely Jas Tang could write about 'A Week With Alice Gabb'. 
So here are the lovely places that have been featured:

(marvellous for free Life Drawing sessions on Tuesday evenings)

(which is on Sundays, although Late Night Christmas Wednesdays have begun)
Shopping: J and B - Choosing Keeping

Wednesday: Regents Canal
(My favourite walks are Warwick Avenue to Angel, or Whitmore Bridge to Hackney Wick)

(extremely affordable vintage textiles)

Friday: Towpath Cafe

Saturday: Broadway Market

All clothes worn are from Beyond Retro, Rokit, Old Spitalfields, Urban Outfitters Renewal or The Shop (I'm a creature of habit....)