Friday, 30 November 2012

Bust Craftacular 2012.

It has arrived once again, Bust Christmas Fair is here, and I will have a stall there! If you have had the misfortune of not visiting one of the Bust fairs, just look here, here or here to read how marvellous they always are. It is where I do most of my Christmas shopping (and Broadway Market, of course) as some of my absolute favourites will be there, Andrea Garland with her fabulous beauty products, The Shoreditch Sisters with their fine preserves, my good friends The Bobby Dazzlers and Jill will be there too. For a full vendor list, click here.

Pencil to Pixel.

Original Arial drawings.

Last week I braved the rain to Wapping to visit Pencil to Pixel, an exhibition about the history of the Monotype institution of typographic printing. Because I am over enthusiastic about such type related events I signed up for the free 'guided tour', and I can happily say it was my favourite exhibition this year. We were talked through each display case of examples of the design and production of printing type, and it was concise and clearly explained, which was good for me because it took me a while to get my head around the enormity of the process of switching from human hands arranging single letters into entire publications, to mechanically organising them instead. It was fascinating hearing about the impact that Monotype has had on the history of printing and type design. 
Sadly the exhibition has ended, otherwise I would be back for a second visit and to make a few Christmas purchases in their lovely shop...if only it was on for longer...

Photographic Matrices for the Linofilm Europa 1970.
Part of the workforce before the Monotype machine was invented.
Master record of the origin of design and current status of use of typefaces.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

A London Outing.

Last week I escaped the studio to Somerset House to see Tim Walker's 'Storyteller' exhibition. It really was my Vogue-reading-teenage-self's ultimate dream. The photographs were totally enthralling; the sets and prop design had me staring open mouthed. They are so incredibly decadent, playing out fantasies that are so visually satisfying that I kept forgetting to look at what the models were actually wearing. Being able to see the unbelievable scale and detail of the props added to the appreciation of each photo shoot (I still don't understand how you would go about creating a giant bee). It was lovely to appreciate his work in a larger scale and off the magazine pages. For further reading of what all the fuss is about, visit his website here.

For more visual treats we wandered to see the little Su Blackwell 'Sleeping Beauty' exhibition at the Kings Road Anthropologie. I had never been before and I can finally understand the Anthropologie hype, it was so beautifully curated, far beyond what you would expect from such a shop. It made me very proud to have my work selling in there...

 After a tiring morning's exploring, we treated ourselves to tea in the Rose Bakery at the top of Dover Street Market where we sat and listened to the fashion types' chit chat over the perfect pot of tea. Worth a visit, even if a scone was pretty much all I could afford in there...

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Recent Commissions...

I thought I would share some snippets of some rather nice projects that I've been asked to do this year...
The above commission was a delightful birth announcement, screenprinted A6 notecards in peachy rose. 
Below is a personalised version of one of my fold out invitations, that I screenprinted a set of for a Naming Ceremony...all commissions welcome, just drop me an email with your idea at hoorayfor(at)

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Little Thing Magazine.

So here it is, four pages of me and my studio at home for the lovely Little Thing Magazine! All photographed by Jas Tang (she is amazing). I only wish I could read the nonsense that I probably came out with...

The W.I. Wardrobe.

If you're around the East this Saturday get yourself down to Birthdays (below Rita's Dining) for the marvellous Dalston Darlings' W.I. Wardrobe Sale. I have only been a member for a few months, long enough to marvel at the consistently stylish numbers that they all sport at every meeting. As well as vintage treasures, there will be high end designer gems AND homemade cakes and delicious treats. Most importantly they are raising money for a fantastic local charity Nia: Ending Violence Against Women

Go and have a rummage...