Thursday, 15 March 2012

Creatures What Live in the Country.

Over the past month I have been taking occasional trips to the deepest depths of the countryside in Hampshire to complete a very special commission; painting frames around these Victorian taxidermy beasts in the grand dining room. There are eight boxes in total, with varying species, from a bittern, to penguins, to albino pheasants, my brief being to 'jolly the place up a bit'. Unfortunately the light in the room has meant poor and limited documentation, but I hope you enjoy these snippets, sadly they don't convey the stunningly high ceilings and beautiful textiles. Some of the frames are adorned with sleeping badgers, quail babies, a fox and a rather regal pheasant, the largest box being over a metre wide.
So thank you very much to the lovely family who let me take a paintbrush to their walls, of the most incredible house I have ever set foot in, I hope all their dining room occasions are more merry from now onwards.