Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Evolution of English.

I suggest if you have any free time at all over the next few months, that you pop along to the British Library to see the 'Evolution of English' exhibition. It was such a fantastic collection of how we have come to speak and use language the way we do now, what has influenced it and the huge importance of slang and dialect.
Very interesting indeed.

Present & Correct.

Before Christmas I was lucky enough to sneak a visit to Present & Correct's lovely pop-up shop, The House of Propellers. A complimentary mix of vintage and new, it was filled with an outstanding selection of stationery, all of the highest taste, carefully placed on cardboard school desks.
It made me feel warm inside.

Get yourself some tasty office morsels HERE.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Big In Japan.

Hooray for Madame Figaro magazine, they have done a little feature on me in their January London guide. I got to wear some wonderful vintage pieces from Lucy in Disguise and meet two lovely ladies from Arthur and Albert magazine.
As well as uncomfortable pictures of me, and despite being in Japanese, there is an amazing plethora of lovely London boutiques/markets/cafes to go and visit, so I am slowly working through a checklist I have made and will report back. Tomorrow I am sampling what 'Tina, We Salute You' has to offer....

With that, I leave you with one of my all time favourite videos. Enjoy.