Saturday, 30 January 2010

Fetch the Trumpets!

Well well well....this is Captain Hector. He is a very important little chap who likes cigars and shooting (clay pigeons only, of course).
Made with a vintage Coronation Medal, he is on his way to Sandhurst for some new adventures.
I also wanted to show off this charming writing tin that I found that is joining Hector on his travels.

It's been a rather surprising month for me, I shall be appearing in the latest vis/res, a lovely limited publication which should be out towards the end of February. I shall also have some drawings in the Spring edition of Anorak magazine, which is possibly the most beautiful children's magazine I have ever laid my eyes on.
AND I'll be at Of Cabbages and Kings new monthly design markets on the 6th and 7th of March, in Stoke Newington, with new writing sets and other splendid treats.

But for the moment, rather unexpectedly, I am temporarily somewhat of a boarding mistress at my old prep school.
I am also holding a workshop this week teaching 10 year olds how to monoprint which I'm very excited/terrified about.
How did this happen?!


calico melton said...

hi alice, wow thats really exciting to be in Anorak magazine- i love that mag!

www.ALICEGABB.COM said...

Thank you lovely Calico- your wordpress site is too confusing so I hope you read this- I hope it's all going well I can't wait to see all the exciting things you do when you leave! I highly recommend the business course at the AOI it really helped me out... x

calico melton said...

Hello Alice thank you for your advice, i would never think of doing that- and even better i am doing the professional context thingy at the moment so that sounds like a great thing to put in the old dossier! xx