Thursday, 17 March 2011

Paper Heaven.

February saw the arrival of the Ephemera Society bringing their finest paper collections to Bloomsbury. Now, I make it my business to spend many an hour seeking out these 'ephemera' stuffs, but blimey do these chaps know their stuff. I spent many a shilling on beautifully typeset penmanship posters and advertising from the 1880's to 1930's, and picked up a hearty selection of books about the history of letter writing, paper folding and the type point system. The most lovely thing about the event was that the stall holders just loved talking about paper and printing, I was there for hours chatting about my purchases...a magnificent outing.

I also found some little treats for my stall at Broadway, including some original Edwardian embossed notecards, come and have a look if you get as excited about old paper as I do.

Check here for the Ephemera Society's up and coming events all over the country.

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