Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Found and treasured.

So here is a small selection of my finds from my treasure hunt holiday. The above shelf was found for £1 at a car boot sale, previously a drawer that I painted white to store useful things in my studio. The flying ducks were my most expensive but treasured item from the Toot As in Foot stall at Old Spitalfields at £14. I also found many a Kilner jar on my travels, I went a bit crazy and bought five, but they were a cheeky £2.50 each which is a steal. And sadly I now refuse to drink out of anything but my set of six Charles and Diana glasses, which I found for £10 in Hunkydory-24.
I found many other random treasures, an A4 Victorian book paper press, many, many ceramic and enamel bowls for my kitchen, and of course about twenty Royal Coronation mugs ready to make candles.

I thought I would show you bits of my studio with all the flimflammery I've collected. Below shows some of my favourite souvenirs from artists I love such as Lizzie Stewart, Lucy Jane Batchelor, Helen Friel and Jessie Chorley.
The bottom picture shows my tiny shrine to the Royals where I keep the mugs I've clumsily smashed but still love and have made into candles. And of course a picture of my dream dog, the Pembroke Corgi.....

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