Sunday, 28 March 2010


Oh what a day was had...
Stour Space was a very special find; hidden in Hackney Wick with one of the nicest little cafes I have ever been to (it had illustrations of Tom Selleck everywhere; a fine way to embellish any establishment)- Ruth Clifford and I set up my little stall after the causing the usual disruption on public transport with my trolley full of goods...

There was a cat called Merlin, an array of men with excellent facial hair, and lovely customers to talk to- not to mention other fantastic designers and makers, and Anorak Magazine which was very exciting as I am in the new issue (as seen freshly coloured by Ruth).
We ate cakes, coloured in, drank tea, and then packed up and caused another display of clumsiness and embarrassment while I dragged my little trolley of goods back across London.

There are monthly markets at Stour Space- have a look here.

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Cariad said...

Love your stationery - hope the market trip was worth it and it sold well. The bit about dragging trolleys full of stuff round London made me giggle! Can sympathise