Wednesday, 28 April 2010

An Extended Trip.

Well, what an adventure. Thanks to the trusty volcano, I was stranded in Berlin for a week, and then had to go home via Paris for two days. How lucky am I? Well while I was there I went to visit all these wonderful vintage shops I had heard about, and stumbled across on my travels.

I highly recommend Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn Sportpark and Arkona Platz on a Sunday for Flea Market splendidness. They are within five minutes walk of each other and were full of visual delights. The first is HUGE with hidden treasures and the second is much smaller with less tat.
'Paul Knopf' was an amazing shop dedicated solely to buttons, it was so tiny but floor to ceiling was boxes and tubes crammed with every button imaginable- and the staff knew the history and origin of every single one.
Next is 'Eichhornchen' (which means 'Squirrel' in German) was packed full of vintage goodies, from art deco furniture to vintage magazines and linens.
Below is a photo of the beautiful shop 'Mimi' for antique textiles- this was a pretty serious boutique full of real collectables.
'Tombees du Camion' was a delightful shop full of bizarre and beautiful oddities, we stumbled across this in Montmartre- but I hear they have three shops dotted around Paris.

For more photos of these wonderful places take a look here.
Huge thanks to Design Sponge's guide to Berlin, and Eastseven for being the greatest hostel I've ever stayed in.


Victoria Whincup said...

I know jealousy isn't an attractive quality to have, but I am feeling that way looking at these pictures! Did you buy anything good?

The Pea Pod said...

Oh flippin heck, how much would I love to rummage through that lot?

Please tell us that you came away with loads of goodies...

thevintagemagpie said...

Hi Alice, I have been sticky beaking through your beautiful blog, what wonderful creations! I too have had the pleasure of Tombee wotsit in Montmartre, so beautiful. Anyway just introducing myself as one of the Doll Project members, and looking forward to playing host to your creation for a while! Nickyx

Eddie said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing that. I would love to visit those places.
Not a bad place to be stranded.

ALICE GABB said...

I bought so much that there is no way I could have flown back home, lucky for us the ash cloud hung around!....I think I bought about 8 kilos of buttons and a suitcase full of fabric......
Nice to meet you Nicky x