Friday, 16 September 2011

Pies, Manners and the Naughty Chair.

Yesterday saw the grand private view of MIEN Magazine's Charm School, as it opens for two weeks of masterclasses and joyously old fashioned events such as letter writing and recipe swapping. With a King's Ginger in one hand and a scrumptious Simple Pie in another, the space was merrily bustling, with one or two guests committing social faux-pas and being sent to the naughty chair to read the 'A-Z of Modern Manners', (including the Mistress of Manners herself when she shockingly offered me -a vegetarian- a pork pie *gasp*)...the whole atmosphere of the Charm School is relaxed, beautifully nostalgic, and has a wonderful sense of humour about the whole concept.

Classes are running every lunchtime and evening, with a few spaces left....for a wonderful alternative evening out have a look at the schedule.

And the lesson I learnt from the Mistress of Manners?
You can never be too charming.

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